Tuesday 21 October 2014

Food: NOLITA (North of Little Italy)

Have you ever been to NOLITA or ever heard of this New-York inspired resto located in BGC Central? Oh well, it's about time for you to take a bite of their luscious pizzas & burgers by Chef Cuit Kaufman. Expect nothing but the best of American food items on their menu especially their best seller- their authentic New-York style pizzas on its menu. According to OurAwesomePlanet food blog site, it is a follow-up to their successful Borough resto in Podium.

It was my first time to try it here with my college friends for a quick dinners before having some pub crawling around the BGC area. It's the perfect place to grab quick food hunger fix and just hang out with friends in a laid-back ambiance. We spent the rest of our stay laughing out loud, taking photos using monopod & sharing endless life stories while indulging in their food menus from pizza down to their dessert. Worth a try here at Nolita. 

Virgil's Rootbeer (Php 180.00)

Sausage, Mushroom & Pepper (Php 250.00)

Pizza Chicken Parmesan (Php 250.00)

Pizza Cheese (Php 120.00)

Pizza Pepperoni (Php 160.00)

Hotlips Raspberry & Virgil's Rootbeer

Cannoli (Php 100.00)

Hotlips Raspberry (Php 220.00)

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