Friday 30 January 2015


It's time to share with you all my Instragram November 2014 photo diary. I have no travel during this month as I already used up all my annual leave. I was all the way stuck here in Singapore randomly gping out with friends, trying out new restaurants and having some few staycations with friends.

This month was also my preparation period for all my goals for 2015, travel escapade plans and busily working my ass off for more OT to ensure my finances will be enough for all my plans in the coming months. Hope you enjoy this Intagram post guys!

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Fashion: Roof Top

And so I have this long time plan to take a fashion shoot on a roof top scene that eventually turned out to be a roof deck style shoot on a car park in Singapore. Funny how it randomly happened, thanks to my friend who was my forever impromptu photographer throughout my fashion shoot.

Just had the idea of having my style more of like a street look to complement the background. I paired my blue Folded & Hung polo shirt with Factorie denim shorts. I paired it with this COCO cap from Thailand and Vans camou sneakers. 

 Just love how my look for this shoot turned out to be 

Monday 26 January 2015

Food: The Kitchen Table

The W Hotel's buffet restaurant known as The Kitchen Table located at Sentosa Island here in Singapore is a must try for its 6 live cooking stations of international selection. If you happen to book a hotel for staycation at W Hotel, you shouldn't miss out this food haven. They also serves a wide array of local food cuisine like noodles, dumplings and local delicacies with a modern twist. 

I was third wheeling from a couple who stayed here for a night and we had 50% discount breakfast buffet in here so it's totally worth it! I tried first their power morming meal offers like meaty bacon, western sausage, grilled tomatoes & mushroom, pork & beans with buns & egg benedict with a twist. It was heaven in my plate. For the second round, I had pancakes with their one-of-a-kind maple syrup fountain, natural blueberry yoghurt and fruit platter. Imagine yourself picking the freshest tropical fruits and filling up your cups with bottomless fresh juices and cereals of your choice. I never mind waking up early in the morning everyday to have breakfast here. 

You might also try their local delicacies here having queues from foreigners who wants to have a taste of famous hokkien mee, nasi goreng and chicken rice. This is the perfect spot to spend a well deserve meal with friends or families if you want to satisfy your taste buds with nothing but the best food menus. 

Saturday 24 January 2015

Fashion: Summer in December

It's never too early for summer! What symbolizes the hottest season of the year other than coconut prints which will always be a staple design during summer. During my year end trip to Indonesia, I went to ION Orchard to look for some winter free outfits and was able to get a total match for this look. 

I fell in love with this gray sleeveless shirt from Bershka as they're having sale on past season items. This palm inspired print was from a local Singapore based brand same with my beach bag. Wearibg my ever trusted pair of Havs, sunnies and cap from Aeropostale, I have the best outfit for a beach bum. Summer is coming soon so you better get ready! 

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Travel: Mutiara Beach Resort Indonesia

Hello again to the world of blogging! I defintely need a better time management for this year 2015 coz I totally can't even have a single blog post due to my ongoing vacation, birthday event, travel and work related stuff. Too much workload but I ain't complaining to all these blessigs and opportunities that came too early for this year. I mentioned during my last post I will start to regularly update you guys so let's do it now!

Towards the end of 2014 I decided to book a year end trip to a nearby beach resort that I needed the most. I had to reflect of what happened for my year 2014 and plan for what I want by 2015. It was such a great experience to just simply bask under the sun and be a beach bum for a day!

I headed to Mutiara Beach Resort in Indonesia for a weekend trip since it's only a ferry away from Tana Merah Terminal here in Singapore. After doing some in-depth research I found this paradise perfect for my weekend relaxing escapade. After my booking for the resort stay, land transfer & ferry ticket, I spent less than $200 SGD for the whole 4 day - 3 nights trip. 

From the ferry terminal in Bintan Indonesia, land transfer via Indotaxi ($60 SGD) two way trip will be additional 1.5-2 hours land travel before you reach Mutiara. I just love how this resort was established in the simplest, natural and relaxing ambience unlike other resort that are too crowded and highly priced. I stayed in a Cabana with no aircon, just light and ceiling fan where everything was made out of wood and natural materials similar to a nipa hut. Everything was so traditional including the food serving, amenities and you'll have the friendliest staff too, what more could you ask for!

Per night accomodation will be around $50-70 SGD depending on the season if its peak period. Food will also be available inside for breakfast, lunch & dinner but bringing along foods with you will be practical esp if you're budget conscious. Meals inside the resort will cost you roughly $4-10 per meal but all food menus I've tried here were so damn good. 

Mutiara Beach Resort also offers water sports, spa package and other sports outdoor activities upon request. They also have a beach house located right in front of the main beach where you can watch TV, read books, surf the internet or get a sun tan for as long as you want. Here's a visual diary of my awesome weekend trip in Mutiara Beach Resort located in Bintan Indonesia. Wishing you all a great kickstart for 2015 guys!

Saturday 10 January 2015


Finally I'm back again, welcoming 2015 right here on my blog! I was on a long break from not posting blog for a while and now it's about time to get back on track. January will always be the main highlight of my year as I celebrate my birthday once more and I'm turning 26 this year (time too fast)! 

And for my birthday this year, I decided to have #OOTD birthday theme to be held at Marina Bay Sands Tower 1 this coming Tuesday (January 13) and I'm really getting too excited. I will also be going back to Manila for some family time break and will celebrate another birthday party with friends at Raven Manila. Then on weekend, will head down to Cebu City to join friends for the much anticipated Sinulog Festival, a yearly event highlight in the Philippines.

Watch out for my birthday #OOTD soon right here on my blog & also I've got few blog post draft already waiting for you guys. Will share with you how I celebrated Christmas & New Year and also my recent weekend travel to Indonesia last month. Can't wait for some exciting events, fashion post & travel plans this year so just keep on reading my blog post. 

Have a prosperous 2015 to everyone & stay awesome guys =)