Wednesday 27 February 2013


There are times when colors of bright shades are not a choice of style on a moody day. So often times, I do stick to basic earth tone colors and match it up together to create a laid back boy-next-door look.

Loving this skin tone shirt from Thailand as pasalubong from a thoughtful friend (Jizelle). I matched this with a khaki shorts from Recoil Singapore, a stylish brand that offers youth-friendly & fashion forward items that you can't resist to buy.

By playing more accessories to add-on and a classic S-perry shoes to finalize the look, you will end up having the best look of the day.

Color Harmony Look.

Sunday 24 February 2013


You will never go wrong in a black-gray color palette. Black is the best color that can go with gray. Gray, black, tan, and off-white are generally considered neutral colors. Gray will take on a warm or cool impression depending on surrounding colors. Black & white are always the easiest neutrals to add into just about any color scheme.  

I'm always a fan of Armani Exchange brand from their classic leather belts, jeans & even watches. I got this shirt as a gift on my 24th birthday. It's my first Armani item so it deserves an obligatory Lookbook shoot.
My total look. Hype it in Lookbook here.

Friday 22 February 2013


I'm a person that grew up with no favorite color at all. But when is comes to choosing color tones in terms of my fashion taste, Olympian blue will be one of my priority choice. And with its trend for Fall 2012, I made sure to rock a fashion look for this.

Olympian Blue surely made its way into fall & winter athletic apparel. Men's color evoke a tasteful &
confident look for fall 2012. Olympian Blue is a classic shade that offers both stability & depth to any 
fashion look.

In mood for blue.

Thursday 21 February 2013


A big fashion trend today is animal print. This year (zebra strips, giraffe prints, cheetah and leopard spots) are everywhere in men's fashion thanks to the African, Asian, tribal and safari style fever that's coming all over fashion icons lately.
Animal prints are most fashionable when worn only in one pattern, and to
keep things tasteful, limit the print to one item at a time.

Tuesday 19 February 2013


Stripes are classic, bold and elegant trend in fashion so it has always been one of my wardrobe staple. With the return of stripes for 2013 fashion scene, it's a sure hit for every fashionistas out there. So pick at least one stripe pattern this season.

Stripes (horizontal, vertical, zig-zag) are timeless & classic trend that never goes out of style. So here's how I rock this trend.

A very simple & laid-back look good enough to wear for some malling, gathering
or meeting friends for some dinner or coffee moments.

Sunday 17 February 2013


Any Malaysian getaway vacation will never be complete without going to Genting Highlands. Genting is definitely one of the best places to visit in Malaysia with wide arrays of places, events & happenings to experience from casino, theme park, shopping & entertainment experience. For first timer, Genting Highlands is suitable for day trip if you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur or a minimum 2 nights stay to chill and relax. It is accessible by roads and coach.

My travel experience started in KL Sentral Bus Station going to Genting Highlands. But I ended up getting a taxi going there as the bus timing was inconvenient due to festive season (fully booked). I pursued going to Genting by a taxi driver offer of RM170 (2-way taxi ride) price. It was quite expensive but considering my limited time, I decided to go. 
My first stop was Chocolate Paradise, recommended by my taxi driver Eddy which was a cocoa boutique selling varities of special flavored chocolates. Prices were quite high but it's really good as pasalubong for friends. Then I went to Genting Skyway which was the entry point to Resorts World Genting. It was my first experience to ride a cable car & it was a big check for my bucketlist.

One-way ride will cost you RM6 so I took the 2-way ride at the ticket counter (RM12). I was amazed when I reached the place with their indoor theme park, vast hotels, casinos with crowds coming from all over the world. Genting is like Tagaytay or Baguio of Pinas due to its cool climate ranging from 16-24'C all year round.

I only gave myself 2 hours here so I quickly took photos of the whole area as much as I could. I satisfied my cravings for cupcakes, grabbed frappe in Starbucks & had some me-time moment.

Petronas Twin Towers Chocolate Box.

Friday 15 February 2013

FOOD: NOOK House of Pancakes

Are you looking for the best place to spend your valentine day dinner? Well you better check out this place to bring in your date, family even group of friends for a a night of romantic memories, bonding moments & enjoyable stuff to do.

I knew of this place few months back and fell in love with this "Rainbow Pancake" ever since I saw it in Instagram. So I thought why not try it for a pre-valentine dinner with friends (since I'm single LOL!) and luckily it was the World Pancake Day when we decided to be there.

Introducing NOOK DIY House of Pancake, the first DIY Pancake house in Singapore located at 21 Lorong Kilat, Bukit Timah. Their mission is to bring an interactive and fun pancake experience to everyone.

I went with my dear angels Jizelle & Daphne for a dinner. Once we reached the place I immediately fell in love with the ambience & atmosphere of the place. They handed us the menu, took a few glances at the selections & made our final orders.

We totally enjoyed the night of flipping pancakes, cracking some good old time jokes & of course bonding moments that we will truly treasure a lot.

You can see the happiness in my eyes while handling the menu.

Monday 11 February 2013


Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated time of the year in Singapore. Since we were given 3-day vacation, I decided to pursue my first major travel escapade this 2013 to finally see the famous Petronas Tower. Touchdown Kuala Lumpur.

My mode of transportation was very convinient as I can choose between land or air travel from SG to KL. I booked my two-way bus trip & 3D2N hotel accomodation that cost me less than $300 SGD.

I will admit that I had so much preparation for this in terms of my must-do list & ootd (outfit of the day) style over there. LOL!

I even challenged myself for a 250 MR challenge to see what I can eat, buy, & enjoy in KL with that amount. So here were my unforgettable journey in Malaysia.

I arrived at the bus station half an hour earlier to make sure I will not be on a hurry. Buy sadly I still waited for hours boarding not in my exact bus & seat no. due to festive season. So don't forget to bring a lot of patience :)

Another tip: It takes 2 stops (SG & MALAYSIA Immigration) so you need to take down the bus & don't forget your passport to be secured with you. Since it will be a long trip, don't forget to bring some snacks & liquids with you coz in my experience, I never had my dinner so the whole trip my stomach was empty.

Travel-friendly outfit.
(H&M hat, Giordano shirt, Kitschen pants, Everlast shoes, G-shock watch)

Monday 4 February 2013


Since I'm having a fresh start for 2013, I planned on investing on experiences so I'm all up for traveling. I was extremely excited when I visited this island just 5min boat ride away from city proper. Touchdown Pulau Ubin!

Pulau Ubin is the second largest off shore island of Singapore,after the well known, Sentosa Island. Located off the North Eastern area, it has an area of 1020 hectares, in a rough sharp of a boomerang.

Ubin is a great day trip spent walking or pedaling through rustic roads, exploring shady trails, checking out secluded beaches and flourishing mangroves. On Ubin, the food tastes better, air is fresher and sights and sounds so soothing to the soul.

Sunset View @ Pulau Ubin Island.

Friday 1 February 2013

24th Birthday Celebration!

January 13 is one of my most celebrated day of the year. Born in January 13, 1989 I just turned 24 couple of weeks ago. I had so much thoughts & ideas of how I can make this celebration simple yet memorable. From renting a yatch down to some fancy restaurant I know, I ended it up in my humble house where I'm staying since I moved in Singapore back in 2011.

One of the best-event-organizer I ever met is my awesome housemate/ best friend Jizelle (check her blog too) and she came up with the theme of color-candy-b-day dinner celebration. There were too much colors that made this special day one of a kind & simply amazing.

So here are some of the memorable photos of how I celebrated this once in a lifetime event.

My 24th Birthday Red Velvet Cupcakes.