Sunday 28 September 2014


Yellow Cab will always be the 1st place in my heart when it comes to pizza!  They always have the best menu offerings for classic  and specialty pizza, don't forget to try their pasta too. If you're a true blood Pinoy,  Yellow Cab will surely be part of your college memories. Yes you'll digest all the carbs, meat, fats and oils after trying their heavenly tasting pizza but who cares, it's not that bad to have a cheat meal once in a while.

I'm pretty sure this will be loved by Singapore too once they opened up a chain here so here's a food guide if you're a first timer here. They have 3 sizes to choose from Regular (serves 4), Large (serves 6) and New Yorker (serves 8). For classic pizza selections, you can go for NY Classic simply with the NY all-time favourite pizza topping- pepperoni. Their New York's Finest is their best seller, combining meats and freah vegetables together. Manhattan Meatlovers is also to die for which is an all meat pizza: ham, Italian sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, salami & bacon. 

For Specialty pizza, #4 Cheese is definitely for cheese lovers like me which combines Mozzarella, Cheddar, Romano & Feta cheese all together- Cheese Heaven! Their Barbecue Chicken which consist of chicken strips, red onion and cilantro in a hickory smoked barbecue sauce is also a must-try! And of course unique dishes of Yellow Cab like Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta and Dear Darla should be added to your menu options too, uniquely done and a such a true signature dish. 

For their dessert, you can finish it off by trying their specialty ice cream that comes it various flavours like vanilla and strawberry but you gotta go for their Pistachio, it's the best! They are open 24 hours so its the perfect place after a drinking session with friends or taking a late night dinner with family or friends! 

Friday 26 September 2014

Fashion: Basic Play

I've been recently doing quite random outfit post everywhere I go here in Singapore to keep up with my commitment of maintaining my fashion blog post. Most of my recent OOTD post were using my iPhone 5S camera so it's less hassle of always bringing my DSLR. One good thing about Singapore is having the advantage of picturesque scenery wherever you go. 

I got playful with this shoot so I decided to have some fashion blog post in this HDB Playground around Toa Payoh area. I was wearing something pretty basic here with my usual swagger street dapper look. Especially with the humid weather nowadays, I do make sure that comfort wiill be the priority. My not-so-used denim shorts from Cotton On will always be on the rescue in tiimes of not knowing what to wear. I paired it with Basic navy blue V-Neck Shirt from Bench Philippines. 

To cut the monotony of this look, I paired it with my New Balance sneakers from Leftfoot SG with my Vans pack bag to finish the whole look. Wearing basic look is now that boring at all as long as you know how to add life in it. Be playful and don't forget to experiment to get a playful basic everyday attire. Watch out for more fashion post soon. 

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

Welcome to Hard Rock Hotel Singapore! The next best hotel for me after the infamous Marina Bay Sands with that iconic infinity pool. My very first experience at Hard Rock Hotel was far beyond my hotel experience as it surely exceeded my expectations. We had a night staycation here and it was one unforgettable experience from their vast swimming pools, high-end technical facilities and modern interiors. 

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore is located right in the heart of Sentosa Island Singapore and its location is so convenient to some of the top tourist destinations in SG including Universal Studios, Adventure Cove and SEA Aquarium. It's strategic location made their advantage to be top priorities of hotels to check in especially for tourist all over the world who wants to experience the best of Singapore.

The hotel will normally cost you around $500- $600 per night but we had a special deal to get a room only for $285/night (great deal)! The amenities and structural design of the hotel definitely made it one of the best of hotel in Singapore. So if you're planning for a family or friend vacation, don't make a second thought of trying Hard Rock Hotel Singapore.

Saturday 20 September 2014

Fashion: Coachy Sunday

During the Singapore Fashion Season Sale, I was lucky to have connections with OFW who works in fashion retail jobs so I grabbed the chance to score some great deals to add in my fashion needs like this Classic Coach Shoes that I only got for around $102 SGD!

With its original price at $385 SGD, I never had my second thought of purchasing it. If you remember my previous post, I also got a leather sneakers from Coach for $102 SGD as well. It was a perfect match to my Coach leather body bag having the same color tone, a match made in heaven! I know this is kinda out of my usual swagger next boy door look but sometimes you gotta change your style to add some surprise and flexibility to your usual OOTD kind-of-style.

Because this is too histrionic to my usual style, I made sure to have it styled on a plain and simple basic white shirt and sweat shorts from UNIQLO & Forever 21 for Men. This look is so comfy but stylish enough for a laidback sunday mall strolling or meeting up with friends for coffee or lunch. Since it's still quite humid in Singapore, I made sure to wear a perfect gray oversized sunnies to complement my whole look. So what you think about this LookBook style of mine? Read more of my fashion post and stay awesome to all fashion conscious souls out there! ;)

Thursday 18 September 2014

Starz Restaurant (Resorts World Sentosa)

Starz Restaurant located in Resorts World Sentosa can be the best breakfast buffet restaurant esp if you have booked your stay at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore. Its located near the hotel's reception area and you can experience luscious breakfast menu items for only $62 SGD per pax. Starz Restaurant offers nothing but the best food menu items for multi cultural taste buds and definitely a great place  to start off the day for morning person out there. 

Few weeks back, we had staysation at Hard Rock Hotel with friends so after a night of alcohol doze & endless convo, we decided to energize at this food haven before heading to Universal Studios Singapore. We were immediately assisted to our designated table after making payments by their friendly staff without the hassle of waiting. The vast array of breakfast menu items will welcome you from bread, noodles, cereals, omelette and everone's favourite dimsum and dumplings. They also have overflowing coffee, tea, juices and morning boosters. 

It's like a typical buffet restaurant offering authentic & freshest food and superb service with great interiors and good lightings. I hope every morning breakfast will have this mood for definitely it's worth waking up every morning.

Monday 15 September 2014

Fashion: D'EVILS

I seldom take outfit shots of my daily work attire due to a very hectic call center life here in Singapore. I often ignore my day-to-day style as I usually prefer to wear-upon-my-mood habit when it comes to choosing what to wear except for this OOTD that I really didn't miss out coz this definitely defined my style (Swagger-Boy-Next-Door-Look).

I basically recycle my fave fashion pieces to match my total look and to create a diffrent look from time to time that I'm using it. Like this super skinny jeans from H&M that really fits me well and so comfy too, peefect for days I just consider comfort. the Marvel shirt was gift from my friend based in Cali that also have the best fitting shirt I had so far.

This dope D'EVILS cap is seriously sick, not mine though but I was allowed by my colleague for me to use it for this photoshoot. This limited edition snapback was purchased via some random online shop here in Singapore (hope I can score one too!) I wore my ever reliable Casio Vintage watch  and paired it with anchor bracelets from Aldo I bought early this year from my recent trip in Abu Dhabi. 

Lastly, this outfit will not be complete without my new Authentic Camo sneakers from Vans (great steal from They're having awesome sale with their online shop shoe selections from Vans, Nike SB and even more dope brands too many to mention. Hope you stay awesome and feel free to show off your individuality through your own style! ;)

Fashion: D'EVILS

Sunday 14 September 2014

Dean & DeLuca Singapore

So I finally made it to try the ever so overrated and talked about Dean & DeLuca located in Orchard Central Singapore with my friend Tracy to end up our heavy dinner at Gerry's Grill. We had no choice but to try their popular Belgian Waffle, Red Velvet Cake and Marble Chocolate Shake.

After reading so much good reviews of this food haven and as well with those negative customer service feedback, I will just focus this blog post on my personal first time experience here at D&D. Knowing the best food & drink to try, their Marble Chocolate Shake never failed my expectation as it taste like heavenly chocolatey yummy. Their Cafe Latte was nothing to special at all.

The Red Velvet Cake was so far the best I've tried. Not so sweet, but it's indeed moist and that distinct taste that makes you wanna finish the cake slice in 60 seconds. The Belgian Waffle was also perfectly executed in terms of it's taste and presentation. But the waffles was too hard and the ingredients seemed not to be freshly made. But in total, I still appreciated the place perfect for hanging out with friends or simply having a treat for yourself after a week of stressful job esp here in Singapore. Will definitely come back here to try their rainbow cake cake and gigantic pancakes with mixed berries.

Mixed Berries Belgian Waffle 

Friday 12 September 2014

Fashion: Get Wild

Black & White ensemble ail never get out of my style. It's the basic yet most effective fashion idea you can never go wrong. Few weeks back, I was able to get my new loved sneakers from COACH Singapore having an amazing 70% discount which I bought for only $102 SGD (Php 3,400 pesos) only. What a great deal.

Since I was so excited to rock this new sneakers, I came up with this look that really describes my kind of style. SO what can you say about this look. Check out more details on my LOOKBOOK account. Watch out for more fashion blog post soon. Stay fashionable & stylish everyone =)

Click here for details: Lookbook Get Wild

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Kelong Seafood Restaurant

Kelong Seafood Restaurant located in Bintan Indonesia offers the best seafood platter in town! Serving fresh delicious fish dishes and also dish out delicious seafood goodies. At Kelong Seafood Restaurant, all seafood is prepared in a simple and straightforward manner. Using only the freshest seafood, as well as natural ingredients, Kelong dishes up great tasting meals with superb quality and value.

Barbecue Medium Package (Rp. 410.000)

Sunday 7 September 2014


Welcome to Bintan Island Indonesia! I had a short weekend trip in here last month and had the best summer ender escapade. When my housemates told me they got tickets on sale for $99 SGD/ head going to Bintan Indonesia, I said yes right away! 

It's seriously one of the best tourist spot nearest to Singapore for beach lovers out there. So here's a photo diary of my recent trip in Bintan Island where I truly had a blast. Thanks to my housemates for making this trip an unforgettable one.

Friday 5 September 2014

Asiana Cafeteria Bintan Indonesia

Asiana Cafeteria is a food haven right inside the Agro Bintan Beach Resort that offers not only sumptuous food menu items but also a great deal of value-for-money food selections. Asiana Cafeteria offers nothing but the best of Asian & Western food from Bee-hoon and Seafood Fried Rice to their luscious pasta & home-made cheezy pizza. 

Before heading back to Singapore, we had out lunch in here. If it looks so appetizing then it was fully justified by its taste that you couldn't go wrong trying this out. It will definitely makes your tummy so happy as they offer nothing but the best food items while having the stunning view of the Indonesian beach. Keep on following my blog post for more informative travel, fashion & food blog entries. I love you all!

Wednesday 3 September 2014


It's time for another August Instagram Photo Diary obligatory blog post. It was my second month of instense call canter workload and guess what, all the long working hours & late night shift transformed into fruitful travel escapades and rewarded myself with some fashion wish list items.

August came so swiftly & perfectly fast as I was able to still balance my work, blog & travel life needs. Hopefully you like this personal visual diary of my personal life as a nurse blogger stuck here in Singapore. Don't forget to live your life to the fullest.

Monday 1 September 2014


Wearing bright color like this Aquatic blue top from Forever 21 is a perfect match for a last summer weekend getaway. I just love how its so calming in the eyes paired with Ripcurl boardshorts. Whatelese would match this look but to have a pair of Havaianas gray slippers. 

I did not accesorize so much for this look as I had a photo walk around this beautiful Agro Bintan Beach Resort in Bintan, Indonesia. But since I had my commitment to post fashion blog more often, I really made time to have this little fashion shoot even though there's nothing so particularly fashion forward about this look. 

Aquatic Blue Top- Forever 21
Printed Boardshorts- Ripcurl
Slip-on- Havaianas