Friday 5 September 2014

Asiana Cafeteria Bintan Indonesia

Asiana Cafeteria is a food haven right inside the Agro Bintan Beach Resort that offers not only sumptuous food menu items but also a great deal of value-for-money food selections. Asiana Cafeteria offers nothing but the best of Asian & Western food from Bee-hoon and Seafood Fried Rice to their luscious pasta & home-made cheezy pizza. 

Before heading back to Singapore, we had out lunch in here. If it looks so appetizing then it was fully justified by its taste that you couldn't go wrong trying this out. It will definitely makes your tummy so happy as they offer nothing but the best food items while having the stunning view of the Indonesian beach. Keep on following my blog post for more informative travel, fashion & food blog entries. I love you all!

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