Saturday 15 July 2017

Travel: Taiwan Post Cards

I have finally conquered the land of Taiwan famous for it'a Taipei 101! So here's some travel photo diary that I wanted to share with you guys with more detailed travel blog on my upcoming post. I had so much travel experience in Taiwan and it's true as what other will say, it's indeed a food haven in Asia. Oh well we had a non-stop food tripping session here in Taiwan in any tourist spots that we had visited! It was a gastronomical adventure and surely will return back here someday for more travel and food adventure. Hope you guys will like these travel post cards from Taiwan with love!

Thursday 6 July 2017

Food: Central Perk Singapore

I can't even espressp how I like you a latte. Will you... drink coffee with me? 
How about cappucci-NO?
(Just Kidding!)

Hello everyone, yes I know it's been a while! I have been so busy for the last few weeks with my badminton, marathon and triathlon events. Now I got the time to update my blog before I head to KL tonight for a short weekend trip. 

To all guys out there whose fan of the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. well this coffe place is the best spot for you to try in Singapore. Central Perk Singapore is a perfect sport for all your friends to hang out, ahve some sip of coffee and watch the all time famous FRIENDS series. And let me tell you that they also take their food seriously as honestly all the pizza, rosti and mac n' cheese that we ordered were truly delish and quite surprising with its food quality and taste. We spent almost 5 hours in this place as you will forget how time will pass by for you will truly enjoy the ambience of the place.

Central Perk Cafe
1 Magazine Road, Central Mall
#01-01 Singapore 059567
Contact Number: 9025 2524