Monday 15 September 2014

Fashion: D'EVILS

I seldom take outfit shots of my daily work attire due to a very hectic call center life here in Singapore. I often ignore my day-to-day style as I usually prefer to wear-upon-my-mood habit when it comes to choosing what to wear except for this OOTD that I really didn't miss out coz this definitely defined my style (Swagger-Boy-Next-Door-Look).

I basically recycle my fave fashion pieces to match my total look and to create a diffrent look from time to time that I'm using it. Like this super skinny jeans from H&M that really fits me well and so comfy too, peefect for days I just consider comfort. the Marvel shirt was gift from my friend based in Cali that also have the best fitting shirt I had so far.

This dope D'EVILS cap is seriously sick, not mine though but I was allowed by my colleague for me to use it for this photoshoot. This limited edition snapback was purchased via some random online shop here in Singapore (hope I can score one too!) I wore my ever reliable Casio Vintage watch  and paired it with anchor bracelets from Aldo I bought early this year from my recent trip in Abu Dhabi. 

Lastly, this outfit will not be complete without my new Authentic Camo sneakers from Vans (great steal from They're having awesome sale with their online shop shoe selections from Vans, Nike SB and even more dope brands too many to mention. Hope you stay awesome and feel free to show off your individuality through your own style! ;)

Fashion: D'EVILS

Statement Cap: D'EVILS

Character Shirt: Marvel Comics

Super Slim Fit Jeans: H&M

Anchor Bracelet: Aldo

Vintage Watch: Casio

Camo Sneakers: Vans

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