Monday 4 February 2013


Since I'm having a fresh start for 2013, I planned on investing on experiences so I'm all up for traveling. I was extremely excited when I visited this island just 5min boat ride away from city proper. Touchdown Pulau Ubin!

Pulau Ubin is the second largest off shore island of Singapore,after the well known, Sentosa Island. Located off the North Eastern area, it has an area of 1020 hectares, in a rough sharp of a boomerang.

Ubin is a great day trip spent walking or pedaling through rustic roads, exploring shady trails, checking out secluded beaches and flourishing mangroves. On Ubin, the food tastes better, air is fresher and sights and sounds so soothing to the soul.

Sunset View @ Pulau Ubin Island.
Taken while on the boat ride to the island. It took us 5-10 minutes to reached  the area.
Capture moments. Iphone 5 was my best partner and internet connection was still good.
Lake view while strolling the island. This place seemed untouched & properly maintained.
Taken on the bumboats  off the Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Taken at Yishun MRT Station while finishing some errands.
Here I go again in my OCD photography addiction. LOL
This was one nice shot that I used as my FB cover photo.
With my sidekick / evil twin Cherry
Seafood lovers would love it here. These were some of live  seafoods  in the the aquarium.
Mirror shots with Lucky & Cherry.
Fish reflection! Just curious of  what kind of  fish was this.
Lucky using his Canon D650 SLR.
Sky + Sand + Sea.
Majestic view of a sunset with Cherry striking a pose.
Welcome to Pulau Ubin! The Pulau Ubin Arrival Area.
We had some luscious late lunch + early dinner in here.
The view from the seafood restaurant.
Fish soup. Chili Chicken. Cereal Prawn. Kangkong.
This is what I call a good shot.

We just can't resist the urge to stop & making some good smile on the lens.
You can rent bikes for $5-10 depending on the season & timing.
Don't you love this?
Invest on sunnies Ray-Ban coz summer is coming soon.
Comfort should always comes first. Wore my Nike Lunarlon Shoes.
Don't forget to bring some sunblock cream & insect repellant  for protection.
@ Season Live Seafood Restaurant. Try  their Cereal Prawn & Chao Fan rice. 

Bicycle is the primary mode of transportation here.
Totally geared up with The North Face backpack.

Food prices here were far way cheaper so better prepare your stomach from some food action.

This Wall Art really got my attention.

Chinese New Year is coming soon and I will be spending it in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia so watch out for my next blog post then.

Travel safe everyone =)

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