Friday 15 February 2013

FOOD: NOOK House of Pancakes

Are you looking for the best place to spend your valentine day dinner? Well you better check out this place to bring in your date, family even group of friends for a a night of romantic memories, bonding moments & enjoyable stuff to do.

I knew of this place few months back and fell in love with this "Rainbow Pancake" ever since I saw it in Instagram. So I thought why not try it for a pre-valentine dinner with friends (since I'm single LOL!) and luckily it was the World Pancake Day when we decided to be there.

Introducing NOOK DIY House of Pancake, the first DIY Pancake house in Singapore located at 21 Lorong Kilat, Bukit Timah. Their mission is to bring an interactive and fun pancake experience to everyone.

I went with my dear angels Jizelle & Daphne for a dinner. Once we reached the place I immediately fell in love with the ambience & atmosphere of the place. They handed us the menu, took a few glances at the selections & made our final orders.

We totally enjoyed the night of flipping pancakes, cracking some good old time jokes & of course bonding moments that we will truly treasure a lot.

You can see the happiness in my eyes while handling the menu.

NOOK Interior design.
Good lightings & nice ambience of NOOK.
Jizelle & I getting confused on what to order.

NOOK House of Pancakes Menu.
Easy steps on how to D.I.Y.  your Pancakes.

Customized tables with griddle in the middle.
The place was spacious with good number
of tables & seats for all.
NOOK Beverage Selection.
ALA CARTE Menu (Home-made soups, Salads, Bites).
Dessert Menu where you can even order "The Addiction"
probably the first alcoholic pancake to be created
with special Bailey's syrup on it.
DIY Pancakes: 2-Flavoured Pancakes (with a choice of 3 toppings)
We had Dark Chocolate & Strawberry Farm Pancake Batter Flavours.
3 Toppings- Chocolate Sprinkles, M&M's, Mini Marshmallows.
My Choco Milkshake.
Daphne in her Red Velvet Pancake.
Red Velvet Pancakes with cream cheese filling.

Little Tacos- a little Mexican delight.
Strawberry Milkshakes for my angels.
The Rainbow Pancake.

6 Colorful pancakes stacked on top of one another.

I'm such a sucker for anything red velvet.
This is definitely recommended for sharing.
Don't we all just love rainbows?

Flip your own pancakes.
Be My Date <3.
Perfect way of saying it in a plate of pancakes.
I find their milkshakes quite sweet but taste great though.
Jizelle in her secret skill of making a perfect heart pancake.

You can unleash your creativity side here,
make anything that pops out of you mind.
I <3 SG! A very timeless logo.
NERBYOS pancake for our friends back in Pinas.
This one is for Oauie, my bff in Pinas.

Perfect- shaped heart pancake.
"D" for Daphne or Dada?

The process of making DIY pancakes was very easy,
fun & simply awesome.

Thumbs up for my blog.
F3 (Food, Fashion,Faith)
I made this especially for my blog.
Happy Hearts Day.
Happy Pancake Day from Nook's House of Pancake.
The Cast (Me, Jizelle, Daphne)
Bloated (Full stomach) look!
Such an adorable angels.
Be my date?
Friendly staff of Nook who took photos of us.
My food lover friends.

Pout kung pout.

Bagay kame right? Kasi wer're both single haha.
Wacky Poker Face Look.

Definitely will come back here again soon.
So that's how I spent my Valentine celebration with good friends through good food.
Hope you had a memorable & romantic moments too.
Up next on my blog will be for guys out there having problems with hair loss.
Wanna try hair transplant? That's next so keep on visiting my blog.

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