Friday 5 June 2015

Food: Buffalo Grill Paris

Buffalo Grill was the first official restaurant that we have tried in Paris. With all our food expectations on wines, cheese, pasta & steaks while in Europe the French food cuisine is definitely my best food experience so far. Good thing we had our first dinner in this humble food haven located along the corner just in front of the infamous Moulin Rouge- one of the most iconic place in Paris. 

Buffalo Grill is simply not all about grilled food menu items, in fact they offer almost anything in French cuisine from main course down to thier dessert. What makes it even more memorable was their superb interior design concept and where French red wines were even cheaper that bottled water. It took us quite long choosing the best dinner meal to try that's why we ended up choosing the perfect steak and wine conbo. I just love how French indulge on all these irresistable pastas and pastries everywhere you go.

Mixed Tapas (8.90 Euros)

Buffalo Grill alluring reddish interior.

French wine menu selections.

Bieres, Eaux, Sodas & Fruites.

What about cocktails and champagne?

Always reserve some digestive space for Les Desserts.

Buffalo Grill is located along Trinite OPERA side in front of Moulin Rouge.

A bottle of Saint Vincent red wine (18.40 Euros)

Effeuille Charolais (12.90 Euros)

Ribs De Boeuf (16.50 Euros)


Total Bill: 56.70 Euros Totally Worth It!

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