Sunday 6 September 2015

Travel: Sheraton Roma

Welcome to the third stop of my Europe 2015 tour, yes I've finally made it to Rome Italy! Of all the countries under Schengen visa list, it's the only country that we've decided to visit 3 cities namely, Rome, Venice and Milan. Can't wait to share with you my travel experiences here so let's start this series by sharing our stay at Sheraton Roma. 

From Barcelona Spain, we took a 2 hour flight to Leonardo da Vinci International Airport. We took a 20 minute taxi ride going to Sheraton Roma where as SPG member, we treated first class upon arrival. The hotel with busy looking ambience and intricate Italian interiors welcomed us with superb customer service and upon entering the hotel room, the beds were so inviting for an afternoon nap and the bath tub was indeed tempting for some quick bath. 

The hotel also comes with 24 hour fitness gym and enticing swimming pool but was not able to experienced it due to time limit of our stay in Rome. We headed straight away to Vatican City tour and went back to hotel so late but we still able to try their SPG member special room where you can access internet, drink various wine and cocktails, smoke in the rooftop area and satistfy your midnight cravings with their selected sweets and pastries. Sheraton Roma surely was one of the best Sheraton hotels I have stayed in all of the countries I have visited so far. 

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