Sunday 8 November 2015

Travel: Switzerland

Welcome the Zurich Switzerland! traveling from Milan Italy to Zurich via train, this magnificent and awesome view greeted us along the picturesque mountain ranges & lake reflections going to the lovely city of Zurich! It's like the Singapore of Asia for me in terms of its establishments and cleanliness, I will definitely come back here again for some winter adventure.

We arrived at Zurich terminal and went straight to Sheraton Hotel Zurich to check in since we only have one night to stay. We had the most expensive taxi fare of our lives going to the hotel so we decided to just walk or use bicycle afterwards. We had a quick meal to have a taste of Swiss local delicacies and afterwards, we headed straight to Zurich Old Town. This city is totally captivatin and romantic just felt like I was in a love story movie scene given I had my partner with me when I was here HAHA! It was quite cold and walking along the bridges, seeing the colorful tulips around and watching the sundown will surely be a travel memory that will last a lifetime.

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