Thursday 31 December 2015

Food: Kitchenette Bali Indonesia

Kitchenette located in Kuta Beach, Bali Indonesia was the perfect dinner spot for out first night in this paradise. Just a walking distance from our hotel in Sheraton Kuta Resort, Kitchenette offers various selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner from main courses, salads, crepes, sandwiches and of course desserts. I love the easy breezy laid-back appeal of the place where you can have the option to dine inside with a well-interior walls and lighting of the restaurant or better yet go for an open-air tables outside facing the beach side with candles lighted and fresh air to breath in.

Kitchenette serves over the normal servings of menu items in a cost friendly budget. There are also wide selections on their menu and guess what, it really taste so good you won't regret for all the calories you have to burn the next day.

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