Friday 29 April 2016

Food: Phuket Street Food

Everyone who have been to Thailand knows how street food is such a big deal
in the City of Smiles. Well if you might think of it as something to be careful of (due to hygienic purpose) or for those with sensitive stomachs, well here in Thailand no matter what you're reasons are, you will never full enjoy & experience Thai culture without having a taste of its authentic street food. Of course, some of favorites in line will be seafood fried rice pad thai, mango sticky rice and meat on sticks paired with local Thai beer. But of course, there's more to that if you will go around Phuket area where you'll have a difficult time to choose which local delicacies you wanna try. Just make sure you have all that extra pockets in your tummy coz for sure you'll gonna skip your diet session for all that carb loading episodes.

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