Monday 23 May 2016

Travel: Bondi Beach Sydney Australia

Here we go! Home sweet home from Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia!
 Once upon a time I was only looking at this cinematic view in Tumblr and Instagram
And from where I stood in taking this photo, it was a surreal experience to finally visit 
Bondi Iceberg. I was blown away by its beauty and just watched the waves for minutes.

Bondi Beach is truly a paradise for surfers in Australia. The Aussie culture, the vibrant summer feels and it's natural picturesque scenery made me loved this place at first sight. It's one my top tourist spot in Sydney especially for beach lovers out there, you'll surely have a hard time to leave the place. 

The nerve. Always making me question why people settle in just one place, if there's more places in the world like this that will truly blow your mind away!

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