Monday 21 October 2013

Baphuon Temple Cambodia

Cambodia has a special place in my heart. I went here due to some personal dilemmas that I needed to escape out of Singapore. For travelling never fails to refresh my mind & give me new ideas in liffe. Anyhow, here's the third part of my Cambodia trip last month. This blog post is all about my half day tour to what I call "Temple Run" popularly known as the Baphuon Temple. 

Angkor Thom: Large temple- mountain in Angkor Thom. Recently re-opened after an extensive and troubled restoration. The project began in the early 1970s with archaeologist dismantling much it, but abandoned in 1975 due ti war. The records were lost during the war years, leaving an enormous rock jigsaw puzzle. The restoration was restarted in the 1990s and the temple finally reopened just last year. Note the unique animal carvings at the walkway entrance. Similar carvings are visible on West Mebon. Also note the impressively large reclining Buddha on the west side, which was added to the temple in the 16th century.

The Temple Run.
Its so humid when we visited this temple.
Taken perfectly with the temple as the backdrop.
Asked a European tourist to take photo of us here.
With my sidekick Lucky for this mandatory shot.
Just love how the temple hue & the grass color complements each other.

Isn't this a breathtaking view.
Lucky asking me to take photo of him from the entrance.  LOL!
This long pathway is the main entrance to temple.
Look at the view of this captivating temple structure.
More shots I did for this place coz I decided to have more options.
Standing situation in front of Baphuon Temple.

Animal carvings in temple's gateway.
Detailed view of the temple carvings.
This is one of the most amazing shot I had in this temple.

Everywhere I look, all I can just see is the beauty of
Cambodia's Temple heritage.
Baphuon Temple Reflection.

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