Tuesday 1 October 2013

Grapevine Cafe Bar & Restaurant

It's been a long time since my last blog post way back on my series of Vietnam travel & food escapade.
I've been through some major life events yet as what they say, you will always go back to where your heart belongs to. Now let me share with you this cozy place for chilling out while here in Singapore.

Grapevine Cafe Bar & Restaurant is a place that can be seen if you are travelling along Serangoon Road. It is a nice place to chill out & the cafe has a nice ambience to it. The price of the food & alcohol are quite high but still affordable. With good service & good company, you will surely enjoy this place & will make it a good night.  

Variety of shots to choose from.

Sample dinner offerings at Grapevine.
Roasted Chicken with Rice.
Love the food here, so simple yet great tasting.
Dinner blast before the game of drunkards begin.
Ginger Beer is to die for. You must try this here.
This one was the highlight of the night.
I was drunk when I had this, sorry to forget the name of it.
Indeed there's nothing better that being the right person at the right time.

Grapevine Cafe Bar & Restaurant

#01-01 787 Upper Serangoon Road 
Mon- Fri: 6PM- 1AM
Sat- Sun: 6PM- 2AM
# 6280-5026