Wednesday 16 April 2014

Top Trips Everyone Should Take In Their Lifetime.

What is your ultimate dream vacation? For the last 3 years, I am so grateful for all the cities & tourist destinations that I have visited that I never even imagined in my life. I have more dream countries to visit including South Korea as my ultimate choice of destination given the chance. In the coming years, I'm also planning of having my passport stamped in USA & France (dreams are for free) LOL! I was browsing my Facebook albums and realised that I have accomplished so much of my travel plans. Never in my life did I realized I can be in all these wonderful places I'm going to share with you.

So here are my top trips everyone should take in their lifetime inspired by a recent post of Business Insider Singapore in one of their travel articles. Take a rest, buy a ticket & see where it will bring you.
Travel more & see life in a different perspective. All these amazing photos are my personal images taken on my trip for the last three years. Hope you enjoy it guys =)

Soak in the blue waters of Batam Island in Indonesia.

Witness the crocodile show of Bangkok, Thailand.

Watch the ultimate sunset experience in Boracay Island, Philippines.

Clamber over the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Take in the view from the Dubai's famous Burj Al Arab.

Spend the night and witness the fireworks display in Disneyland Hong Kong.

Snap the ultimate tourist shot in the desert of Abu Dhabi.

Stroll around the famous Petronas Tower of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Taste traditional Pho from Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Float in the extravagant infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

Get lost in the City of Dreams: Macau!

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