Monday 23 June 2014

Breakfast in Hongkong

One of the best breakfast will be in Hong Kong where you will always have the best noodles & tea options for a great day kick start. Let me give you an idea on how to get the best breakfast in Hong Kong for budget friendly but not sacrificing the food quality. 

Hong Kong has their hawker food centre version of Singapore they call as Dai Pai Dongs (Hong Kong Street Food). Usually it has no name & frequently move locations but there are some best areas to find some good quality breakfast to experience city's unique experience. 

Some of the best known places to visit will be Graham Street, Temple Street, Haiphong Street, Hau Fook Street & Causeway Bay. Most of breakfast offerings in Hong Kong will be the wide varieties of noodles from dry to noodles soup. You can also choose sandwiches or rice meals of your preference. I will recommend dumpling or beef brisket noodle soup. Instead of having your usual morning cup of coffee, you can also go for iced milk tea or red bean milk drink to counteract the hot noodle soup. 

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