Wednesday 8 April 2015

Travel: Life Dance 2015

Being an EDM fanatic, it was always my dream to join music festival event for such a long time. That's exactly what I did during the Sinulog 2015 Festival in Cebu City. I never had so much fun in my life like this where everyone regardless of their age, sex, race, is dancing the night out and forget the rest!

LIFE DANCE Cebu Philippines is the first ever outdoor EDM party in Philippines. Life Dance is inspired by renowned dance parties around the world such as Tomorrowland, Zoukout, Creamfields and Coachella. It kicked off its premiere even in Cebu drawing enormous number of people last May 6, 2012. This was followed by another on June 18, 2013 dubbed as Life Dance Sinulog: Circus of Life and May 25, 2013 entitled Life Dance: Wicked Summer.  

I've been to Zoukout in Singapore twice but Life Dance have a totally different spirit & music ambience where people just keep on dancing, smiling and enjoying the night. The fact that I'm with the company of the awesomest friends in here and the night was truly magical and therapeutic.

For 14 hours in one stage with 6 international DJs including Miss Nine, HOOKNSLING, Werwolvs, Borgeous, Vinai, Nari & Milani, their general ticket admission price of Php 1,000.00 or VIP Ticket Php  2,000.00 was totally worth it. I can't wait for next year! Hope to also experience Tomorrowland or Coachella soon. Haha! Reach up for your dreams my dear readers.

South Road Properties
Cebu City, Philippines
0921 2588 178

Life Dance 2015 in partnership with SMART Prepaid.

Life Dance main venue flooded  with EDM fanatics.

Put your hands up in the AIR!

Life Dance Crew- some of them even came from Korea and Singapore.

My beloved STARHUB colleagues- Benson, Glenn & Rose.

Evolution of PIMP MY RIDE! Only in the Philippines.

Red Horse Beer loading before heading to the venue.

Are you read for us LIFE DANCE? Show us what you got.

For 14 hours in one stage with 6 international DJs!

Great crowd, you'll see nothing but people dancing to the music beat!

Finally met my blogger idol David Guison who's also in the event.

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