Saturday 11 April 2015

Travel: LIV SuperClub Cebu

Cebu travel escapade will not be compete without trying it's nightlife. Liv is the newest night club in Cebu. The crowd is a mix of expats and pinoys with a reasonable entrance fee of Php 200.00 that comes with free drinks. This place is located in Times Square in Mandaue accesible through taxi or best if you have private car as you'll pass through silent streets before reaching Time Square.

The place has a number of restaurant and bars which makes it the perfect spot for LIV as the vibrant hub of social activity in Cebu. Make sure to go here after midnight as usually the crowd will start to flock by 12 MN. With the growing nightlife in Cebu, LIV provides one of the biggest club area I've seen in the Philippines. We made it to the VIP access so we had table in the second level of the bar. There we had the panoramic view of the place with all the people dancing crazy when you look down.

With excellent DJ's, good music and vibrant atmosphere, LIV is the best night life experience you shouldn't miss in Cebu to anyone who wants to party till the early hours. LIV Superclub Cebu, thank you for this unforgettable night!

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