Wednesday 1 July 2015

Travel: US Visa Application

This visa approval deserves a special blog post! After posting this online, several friends of mine sent random messages congatulating me for having this and curious questions as well on how to apply for a US Visa. Well, will definitely share with you more detailed steps to make sure you're US touris visa will be approved without a hassle. Due to the recent visa technical difficulty across various US embassy around the world, this visa was delayed for almost 22 days before the issuing date was updated. Definitely worth the wait, considering the multiple entries with a span of 10 years visa validity, this for me was such a great blessing. Having that American dream, it's finally making it's way to a dream-come-true-moment for me! I don't have a tentative date yet for my US trip, hopefully this year but will surely be one of my travel highlight thus far! Happy weekend to all ;)

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