Saturday 6 February 2016

Food: Ben's KLCC

"TO EAT IS TO LOVE!" That's the line I will always remember dining in here at Ben's KLCC. It was recommendation from locals that we decided to have a dinner here after a long day spent at Batu Caves before heading back to our hotel. There's a long queue of hungry stomachs when we went here but the wait was totally worth it. We started ordering for quite long undecided of what to order. We all decided to try all their pasta menu offers. In just 15 minutes time, all foods were served and we had a sumptuous dinner accompanied by endless college memories congo with my closest friends.

Ben's Restaurant offers salads & soups, sandwiches, pastas, nibbles, main courses, Asian cuisines and fantastic desserts and drinks. If you happened to try Ben's I would highly recommend Beef Lasagna, Macaroni Cheese, Puttanesca and Seafood Pasta, and their Beef Bolognese Pasta too. So there you go, enjoy life through good food everyone!

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