Saturday 7 March 2015

Fashion: Sinulog Festival OOTD

On days spent around the city of Cebu during the Sinulog festival, This was my festive look- making sure that I don't lose my fashion DNA. Sinulog Festival is one of the most anticipated festival in the country with massive foreigners troop to our country to experience our colorful history. 

Trying to experiment with my personal style, I came up with up outfit perfect for the crazy event. I bought this black Sinulog shirt from Island souvenir and cut the sleeve to create a summer ready look. I paired it with printed board short with black & white palm tree prints from Factorie, a local brand here in Singapore. I added colorful arm candies to add color to my OOTD. I finished it off my summer sunnies from and head band to complete my look. Now I'm really festive ready. Pit Senyor Cebu!

SINULOG Festival 2015 OOTD

Island Souvenir Shop

Festival-hype feather head dress

DIY festival shirt must have.

Helping out friends accessorising these colourful souvenir shirts.

Keeping it simple yet colourfully explosive.

Prrrrrrttttttt… Prrrrrrt…Prtttttt…...

Cases of Red Horse local beer to add life to this awesome festival.

After math colourful splashes of Sinulog festive street party.

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