Sunday 29 March 2015

Food: Crisostomo Restaurant

Earlier this year when I went back home in Manila to celebrate my birthday with family, we stayed in Remington Hotel located in Resorts World Manila. We had a good dinner in the all-Pinoy food restaurant known as Crisostomo Restaurant. It serves authentic Filipino cuisine with a sophisticated twist. Right from the airport we headed down here, missing all the local foods my tastebud were craving food. My family ended finishing all the taseteful dishes that are both traditionally filling and modernly mouthwatering.

We ordered Bulalo with it's flavourful meaty broth peerfect with rice. You can't afford not to taste their  Mango salad with fresh onions and tomatoes. Why not try their Bagoong (shrimp paste) rice just simply perfect on its own without any viand needed. We also ordered Sizzling tofu and guess what, they also serve Sizzling Balut, that was my first time and it never failed me at all. For their refreshing drinks, you can go for Green mango shake and I tell you, its worth it!

It was a full loading dinner and make sure you still have enough space for desserts as they also offer varities of sinful local desserts and sweets like Sans Rival and the famous Pinoy Halo-Halo. The next time you'll crave for pinoy food, Crisostomo Restaurant is the answer to it all!

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