Friday 13 March 2015

Food: Seasonal Tastes by Westin Hotel

Even if you're not a morning person, you would still love to wake up early for a breakfast buffet. Imagine yourself chhosing on wide arrays of morning food cravings like waffle, pancakes, bacon or sunny side up? What if you can choose for even wider selections like rice, noodles, bread & patries and even cheese, fruit and cereal sections? Well you better make up your mind and in case you need a treat for yourself and planning for some celebration, there's nothing worth your decision that Seasonal  Tastes by Westin Hotel.

The foods here were totally instagram worthy. I just can't imagine any better meal than your chocolate wafflle or butter pancake made on spot just for you. Seasonal Taste comes with several stations with specific chef preparing the food in a fresh and presentable manner. It also comes with so much options you'll get insane not knowing what to eat in the end. Imagine having all varities of spread for your bread, various ingridients in their salad section and even yoghurts come in different yummy flavours too. 

Head your way to Seasonal Tastes in Westin Hotel and I will tell you its totally worth it!

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