Tuesday 15 July 2014

Cupcakes by Sonja

Cupcakes are always a delight to see. The say "It if looks good then it must taste good too". 
Let's see how good this can be at Cupcakes by Sonja located at SM Megamall in Philippines.
The place is asethetically beautiful and such a cozy & fun place for barkadas. Going to places like this, it kinda makes you think of wanting to be a child again. Because really once you're here, you're basically like a kid in a candy store. It truly has a feel of what a sweet shop should be, with it's candy inspire design. 

I ordered 3 different cupcakes in different flavours once of which is the Red Velvet Vixen, a traditional Southern Red Velvet cupcake made with Belgian Cocoa and topped with luscious cream cheese frosting. The 2nd one you gotta try will be the Elvis, an Oreo cookie crust filled with rich peanut butter cream and Reese's chocolate bits, slathered with chocolate & caramel topped with caramelised banana slices and whipped cream. Lastly will be the Dessert Comes First, Speculoos peanut butter marble cupcake with a creamy surprise centre, topped with rich speculoos frosting and spiced biscuit bits.

Their menu offers classic, special & premium cupcakes. They also have brownies, cookies, cake cups & bars that you will surely enjoy. I think all the cupcake flavours they have is to die for. Enough said.

Red Velvet Vixen & Cold Fresh Lemonade

Red Velvet Vixen (Php 130.000)

Elvis (Php 115.000) 

Dessert Comes First Cupcake (Php 135.000)

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