Tuesday 8 July 2014

8 Cuts Burger Blends

Looking for a taste of the best burger in Manila? You gotta try this newly opened 8 Cuts Burger Blends. A newly opened burger joint in SM Megamall is echoing around the metro for having its one of a kind make-your-own burger that surely be a great hie in the coming months. I don't know exactly where's the original outlet but if I'm not mistaken they had it first at UP Town Centre in Katipunan. Just to share with you some words of widow about the 8 Cuts, the name of it was derived from the 8 areas of where the burger patties were coming from . They've got the Chuck, Rib Eye, Short Rib, Sirloin, Brisket, Hanger, Flank & Ox Tail. 

They have this Menu part called "The BOSS& the Blends" composed of three sections. First will be the "Choose you Bun" (Sesame, Brioche, Kasier) wherein you can personalise your preferred bun of choice. Second will be "Choose your Toppings" (tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise) so you can definitely match the content of your burger based on your tastebud requirements. Third will be the "What's your Beef" (House Blend, Beef Bomb, Steak Cut, Big Game & Ox Blend) to highlight the burger patty of your choice just the way you want it. It's all for Php 190.00 but that's not all if you want more. You can also add in Classic Cheese, Swanky Cheese, House made sauce & even more toppings for unlimited options.

It's such a memorable place for me coz I was with my two sisters with me enjoying the 8 Cuts delectable burgers. Th price range of their menu will be in affordable & average prices as you can already have a personalised burger of your choice for only Php 190.00 The staff are also readily available to assist you anytime & the interior is well maintained creating relaxed ambience for food lovers like me. On a salve of 1-10, it's fair enough to give an 8 for a well first experience I had here. A new spot to be recommended for everyone.

Cheeseburger No. 4 (Php 195.00)

Cappucino (Php 80.00)

Crinkle Cut Fries (Php 55.00)

Four Cheese (Php 255.00)

Molten Chocolate (Php 135.00)

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