Friday 11 July 2014

Inkfinity - Onin Tattoo

They always say "Life is too short not to do things that you really wanted." It has always been my obsession to have a tattoo, as something that would seem to be impossible. But out of the blue I came up so determined to have a tattoo of my drew. One thing that influenced me was my childhood friend who got his passion for tattoo but also a proud nurse graduate like me.

During my recent trip in Philippines, I planned of my tattoo session with him at his Inkfinity Onin Tattoo Shop located just beside our house. I just had sensory overload for too much facts I learned in the world of tattooing. I grew up in a Christian family so tattoo was never a topic considered at home. To some folks, it might be a form of rebellion or even source of discrimination. But having my first ink, it was a long process of finally committing to have one and so far I never regret of having it at all.

Getting inked for the first time, you need to be sure that it would be symbolical enough. I decided to have the number 13 to signify my birthdate January 13, born on Friday the 13th. When I turned 13 years old, i was even scared that I thought my life will end that day but lucky enough I'm still alive. LOL! 

The Inkfinity Onin Tatto  is solely managed by Nino which happened to be the current partner of my older sister. He started his tattoo career 5 years ago and currently he is proud to have too much recognitions from local competitions and various art / tattoo events in Philippines. Being a nurse, he's also aware if the hygienic practices needed. With all his latest equipments, complete inks & a talented hands, you will never go wrong having your first tattoo with Inkfinity Tattoo Shop.

Is it painful? To be honest, NO! Especially if you have already anticipated the pain but in case you have low tolerance to pain then it will be another story. The pain scale will be 5/10 for me with my experience. Pricing for tattoo will vary depending on the tattoo size or the number of hours needed to finish the design. For my tattoo, oh well it's a birthday gift, so I'm a lucky one.

Hope this post helped you decide more for those interested of having their first tattoo or even those planning to have their 2nd or 3rd tattoo. =)

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