Friday 4 July 2014

Mercato Centrale Makati Philippines

There's no place like home. That's what I felt upon coming back home last month last month where I stayed in Bonifacio Global City on my first night in Manila for my longest vacation ever this year. Having a taste again of authentic Filipino street foods was like going back to my childhood memories having ton of food I've waited to have a taste again. I didn't know there's  a solution to that right in the middle of Makati located at Bonifacio Global City named Mercato Centrale.

Mercato Centrale is a gastronomical arena for getting all the best food cravings you wanted all in one place. Yes, whether you're a street food lover or steak / Western delicacies fan, they all have it here. Imagine yourself walking along food tents from left to right, selling tacos, cheese friend, moist chico cake slices & even fish & chips, they all have it here.

Since I've been craving for isaw, tuyo & other Pinoy foods for months, I was fully satisfied with what I had plus they also serve iced cold beer that makes it a perfect place for a late night out with friends. So the next time you visit Makati in Manila, make sure to drop by Mercato Centrale & definitely it will satisfy your taste buds.

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