Friday 15 August 2014

Fashion Must Have

Ever since my consciousness for fashion was born, I have this impulsive behaviour to collect fashion items that I do love to wear especially accessories and caps. It started few years back when I started working here in Singapore where high fashion culture influenced me now the way I define fashion and style. 

It started with my undeniable apercu for rings everytime I will go window shopping. I have rings usually in silver and black but it varies a lot in size, design & concept. I seldom wear them now due to my workplace must-need-to-adapt scenario LOL! But I still wear them a lot during special occasions. I also have boxes of bracelets that I collect everytime I go overseas. From leather, stainless, branded down to ethnic style, I have all of it. I feel so accomplished everytime I open this box knowing that this little precious pieces originated from other countries like Cambodia, Thailand, HongKong, Dubai

I do love eyewear and caps as well as it simply adds a total fashion statement to my kind of boy-next-door style. Don't get me wrong for posting this as you'll see most these are not the high end pieces that will cost me thousand dollars. I'm not into expensive fashion items not unless I really want to have it & will consider it as a fashion investment then I' m gonna buy it no matter what the price will be. So what's your fashion must have & style collections you're planning have? Hope this blog post gives you helpful ideas. Til my next blog post ;)

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