Tuesday 19 August 2014


During my recent vacation in Abu Dhabi,  I have been impressed by so much things to see and try in this remarkabale country. My impression of  this place was limited to desert sand, camels & people walking around in traditional Arabian attire only & it feels to be like the sandbox was such one boring place. But nothing could be further from the truth.
Abu Dhabi is still a gigantic metropolis with world-class attractions for the world to see. The best thing about them are their desert safari, water complex and theme park that amazed me until now. Taxis are cheap and plentiful and getting around is very easy.
So for all the aspiring tourists: Here’s my top 10 must try in Abu Dhabi. There's so more to visit, eat, experience & try but this top 10 are all my personal experiences oin Abu Dhabi that you shouldn't miss out. 
Sand Dune Bashing 

Book a desert safari drive with one of the many tour operators in UAE. This 4x4s is a powerful off road vehicle to let you experience a roller coaster ride for a more social extreme sport to try in Dubai.
Try half-day desert safari tour for AED 180.00 by Sunshine Travel & Tours

Desert Safari

This was one awesome once in a lifetime experience to try the Desert Safari in the sandbox.
Watching the sunset and visiting the Arabic camp was such a memorable experience.

Arabian Costume

Visiting UAE will never be complete without trying the true Arabic traditional clothing. Kandura is an ankle length, loose- fitting robe for men, usually white in colour. Ghutrah is a typical headscarf worn by men draped over the head in various styles.

Camel Ride

Riding the camel through the desert is one thing you should not missed out. On camel-back, enjoy the tranquility of the tranquility of the desert at sunset and the darkness under the stars.  

Belly Dancing

Many desert safaris & dune-driving experiences include belly dancing entertainment along with live music & food. It is not enough to expect ate when you can participate.

Gold Souk

UAE is really known for cheap gold but you have to know on how to
ask for discount. Gold Souk is a must visit place whether or not you're 
ready to buy. 

It's fast & furious fun for all ages at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi- the world's Ferrari theme park and
the largest attraction of its kind. The park tells the Ferrari story with 20 exhilarating rides and 
attractions and educational rides. 

This futuristic YAS Island Waterpark spans an area of aroung 15 football pitches, with 43 rides, slides & attractions- five of which are one-of-a-kind. Visitors follow the story of a young Emirati girl on a quest to find a legendary pearl as they make their way around the attractions, which include a souk 
and pearl diving exhibits.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates and is 
considered to be the key for worship in the country.

Lebanese Food

Have a try of the basic plate of Lebanese cuisine from Kebab to their famous Shawarma as the most
famous & perhaps the most eaten foods in UAE.

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