Friday 1 August 2014


July was indeed a life changing month of this year 2014. After my awesome vacation in Philippines, my mindset was totally refreshed whereby I started to focus again on my long term goals and the rest of it just continued to happen. 

I only had one short travel to Malaysia this month as I realized I had so much of travel experiences of almost going overseas every month. So if you noticed, my blog was flooded nothing but food related topics from my recent travel in Hong Kong & Manila. I will not be travelling so often until end of this year so my blog post will focus more on fashion outfit & my idea of "Top 10" for all the countries I visited so far. Aside from getting my head shaved & getting inked for the first time, this month was also the most blog post I had so far, making sure to share blog every other day. (that's quite tough you know) But as what they say, I'f you love what you do, everything will just come so easy. So here's my photo diary for Instagram July 2014.

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