Saturday 16 May 2015

Fashion: Flight in Style

Travelling in style especially over long flights is so easy but what about considering comfort over style but still making your best look when you travel overseas like Paris or Milan known for their high fashion taste? Let me share you some tips on getting that flight in style.

Last month it was my dream destination came into life to travel 6 Schengen counties in Europe via Qatar Airways for almost 14 hours flight with layover for few hours in Qatar. I knew the need to wear the most comfortable jeans and shoes to free myself for muscle strain and flight fatigue so I came up with this look. 

We really don't need to give up on style if comfort is our priority. By striking the balance for both, you'll never go wrong out of your airport OOTD. First tip is to wear oversized top like this Topman pullover in gray statement for that simple yet striking appeal but still easy to mix & match. I paired it with my Folded & Hung jeggings with the most perfect fitting. I was thinking of wearing shorts but you also have to consider the temperature in Paris so it was a good decision. Jeggings will have that optical illusion as if you're really wearing jeans and with that garterized belt line, nothing will ever be more comfortable than it.

To complete this look, I finished it with my Nike rubber shoes and snap back for a more sporty appeal and with that leather Pandora Givenchy bag, you'll be in good hands once you reach Paris!
I have more fashion blog post coming up for you guys so keep on reading my blog for Europe trip edition of travel, food and fashion post soon!

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