Wednesday 13 May 2015

Travel: 48 Hours in Paris

What will you do if you have only 48 hours in Paris? Check out my travel plans and ideas on how to spend your precious moment in Paris the blogger way! I think it's on the bucket list of everyone. A dream place to be for all dreamers out there (doers I should say)! It just all started as a random plan added with a little courage and passion to reach. By booking a two way ticket from Singapore to Paris, I knew that time there's no way of turning back. The biggest challenge for Philippine passport holder will be the visa application, but by getting perpared and having the right mindset it's just easy as 1,2,3! The next day I knew it's prep time for the actual 11day trip to Europe when I had my Schengen Visa pasted in my passport. 

Paris was way too far from my expectations! From its romantic ambience, architectural wonders and fashion statements, you'll never get used to Paris! In this post, will just show you some of visual diaries to feed your imagination of how awesome my trip was in France. For 48 hours I was able to use the best of my time here. From visiting the touristy spot, trying the best of French cuisines and capturing the best angle of Paris, you will surely love the Parisian lifestyle no matter what! Here are some of my best photos in Paris and on my future blog post will share you the best way to plan your trip, budget ideas and must see places in Europe. Hope you're spendin your precious time wisely like me. Live life to the fullest my dear blog readers.

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