Wednesday 6 May 2015

Food: Roscoco Chicken Steak House

How's your day everyone? I'm back to reality here in Singapore and still coping up with my travel withdrawal and still having jet lag from a totally different time zone of Europe and Singapore. Anyways before hitting the bed, just want to share with you a noter food blog post from South Korea, Roscoco Chicken Steak House. 

Oh well, nothing much to say about this  restaurant in Seoul as their food menu offerings were not of authentic Korean food to try but selections of Western food favourites like pasta, sausage and salads. But its quality and taste really exceeded my taste bud expectation. Roscoco Chicken Steak House is a must try if you're looking for a lunch or dinner around Seoul area. Stay tune for my upcoming Europe 2015 travel, food & fashion blog post. 

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