Wednesday 27 May 2015

Travel: Schengen Visa Application

When it comes to getting a Schengen Visa for Philippine passport holders, there's no magic trick needed as long as you're ready and determined to get your visa stamped that will open your door to several European countries you've been dreaming of like Paris, Venice and Amsterdam!

Let me share with you some tips on how to make sure your visa will be approved without any hassle. This Schengen visa application will be based on application for work permit (S Pass holders) working here in Singapore. So to all Pinoys out there, better take note of these tips if you're planning your European vacation soon!

Applying for a Schengen visa  requires preparation for certain requirements prior on the application.

Visa Application Requirements:

Applicants Bank Statement.

Your last 2 months bank statement (current account and / or savings account) showing transactions, your name and account number.

Reference Letter from the Employer.

A letter from your employer in Singapore stating your salary, your position, your date of employment & dates of leave.

Plane Ticket Reservation.

Flight reservation and booking with confirm dates. Visit for the 
cheapest flight available.

Schengen Visa Application form fully completed & signed.

This includes 1 identity photo. The photo must be recent, clearly showing the face, the forehead 
hairline  and ears on a white background.

Schengen Visa Fee ($ 92 SGD) & Visa Collection Form.

Fees (not refundable) : exchange value of 60 Euros (between 100-130 SGD according to the 
exchange rate).
Schengen Visa Appointment Booking Receipt.

It is highly recommended to apply for a Schengen visa around six weeks prior to ones departure, in order to make your trip as planned. It takes no more than 72 hours for processing a visa in general, there are time when this process takes quite much longer, for 14 up to 21 days in some countries concerning some citizens.

Hotel Reservation in France.

Flight reservation and booking with confirm dates. Check out for 
the best hotel deals.

Travel Insurance.

Your name and dates of coverage should be stated on the policy.
The insurance should cover the following: medical expenses, hospitalisation and repatriation costs 
incurred for each at least 30.000 euros during your stay in Europe.

There you go, hope these tips I shared will help you on your Schengen visa application.
I have now my short stay Schengen visa - multiple valid for 6 months so I'm still planning 
to visit other countries like Greece, Sweden and Prague before it expires on October 2015.

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