Sunday 24 May 2015

Fashion: Parisian

When in Paris you have to look like you belong in that majestic and romantic city in the world. I couldn't find any place in the world more fashionable than French who's access to fashion world is just right in front of them. I was in deep thoughts of getting the most creative OOTD for my 2 day trip in France and turned out well for my look on my 1st day in Paris. I was thinking of wearing my most histrionic fashion piece or wearing my most colorful patterned clothing item but I knew it was not me at all. 

I think its my first time to wear a dapper look with this white longsleeve and navy blue suit with that leather brown shoes that was extremely formal for my taste, LOL! But I was feeling fulfilled that I pulled out this look well (what do you think?) And wearing this while in Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triumph just helped me justify the iconic places in Paris most people were dreaming all their life.

I'm wearing a navy blue suit from Zara Man and khaki pants from Uniqlo. It was having the perfect fitting for me that made this look superb and comfortable as well. I'm wearing white button down from Uniqlo as well and brown leather shoes from Pedro. I was also wearing Fossil leather watch and Coach brown woven leather bracelet. Lastly, with my RayBan classic aviator, this look was the perfect Parisian fashion interpretation for me. Stay fashion ready to all my blog readers out there! ;)

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